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That’s why we have created a culture that breeds success and try our hardest to find the right individuals to be a part of that culture. We’re not some stiffs in three-piece suits who spend long and agonizing hours hunched over monitors. Rather, the TargetClick team epitomizes Internet Marketing with attitude. We have fun. We hang out. We work hard, and we believe that playing hard is the best way to reward the valiant efforts of our team.

Do you think you have what it takes to be part of the TargetClick team? Below, you can find more information about what positions we are currently hiring for.



Calling all Wordpress-lovers! Join our team and build custom Wordpress themes on behalf of clients. HTML and CSS skills required.



If you're responsible, motivated and eager to learn more about digital marketing, we'd love to meet you!




Who doesn’t love to see results? In this position, you’ll write and display relevant ads for users as they search and surf and manage the campaign performance in real-time.


Mudd Advertising Media Intern




If you're a graphic design student looking to lend your talents to web work, consider doing an internship with us!



We're looking for someone to help us implement product listing ads on behalf of our clients. No experience necessary.



Our internship program focuses on training students to be as knowledgeable and excited about digital marketing as we are. We happen to think that the best way to do that is with some education and a whole lot of hands-on, real life client work. Oh, and sometimes play basketball in the office and hit up Happy Hour after work. Occasionally, one of us will eat an entire batch of brownies to win a $20 bet. This is because the only way to understand the culture that you’re contributing to is to become a part of it. So, if you aspire to achieve big and have that whole “work-hard, play-hard” attitude thing going on, keep reading.

TargetClick’s goal is to get interns so awesome that we won’t want to give them up at the end of their time with us, and we hope the feeling is mutual. We strive to hire innovative thinkers and bold individuals ready to make an impact and ultimately have a career with us.

Do you think you have what it takes to be part of the TargetClick team? Email Therese at therese.kuster@mudd.com for more information.




Through my internship at TargetClick, it became more prevalent that digital marketing plays a major role in the present and future of marketing. This concept has been vocalized in many of my college courses, but I had little chances to learn more in-depth and experience hands on the world of digital marketing. As a Search Engine Optimization Intern, I gained the opportunity to learn more about digital marketing within organic search. My internship has been a roller coaster of emotions ranging from excitement, frustration, and curiosity. These emotions are what make an internship a challenging and rewarding experience. I would not trade my internship experience for anything else!


A summer spent with TargetClick and I was hooked on digital marketing.  Prior to my internship I was a print designer and never really had the itch to design for the web.  Fast forward 6 months later and I absolutely love it! One of my favorite parts about working here is that fact that I get to be surrounded by such intelligent, creative, hilarious, and just plain awesome people.  From the moment you walk into the office you can tell something special is going on up here!


I looked forward to following a career path at TargetClick from basically the middle of my interview for my internship position. Prior to my physical interview, my future employers had stumbled across my personal blog, which is probably the least appropriate thing for anyone in a position to hire me should see. However, when I found out that it wasn’t a deal breaker and that my directors were more interested in hiring real people than robots, I couldn’t have been more excited to become a part of the TargetClick team.

Since starting as an intern in my last semester of college, I have come aboard full-time as the team’s Content Manager. Every single day, even when I was just a wee little intern, I have been able to come to work and be exactly who I am. I am encouraged to think independently by making my own decisions, developing my own solutions and ultimately, taking risks. I can’t imagine any other interns are instilled with this much trust. Then again, I also can’t imagine having done an internship with anyone but TargetClick. It has truly been an amazing and invaluable experience.


I interned at TargetClick during my last semester of college and it was a great way to gain experience in my field before graduating and entering the workforce. As an Search Engine Marketing Intern, I was able to help run client campaigns and had a variety of different responsibilities. Not only did I learn about advertising, but I was able to improve professional skills that employers are looking for. You learn something new every day, which makes TargetClick internships challenging and fun!


At TargetClick I did not experience the typical Internship. Most internships are given to people to help them learn about their major and to look for different job opportunities. As a Digital Sales Representative at TargetClick I was given prospects and clients just like a full-time employee. My supervisors and co-workers were always more than willing to help me with anything I needed, it was the best experience I could have asked for. During this time I learned way more as an intern than I ever did in the classroom. The opportunity to get real world experience is why the TargetClick program is above all else.


Since beginning my internship, I have truly realized the importance of them in college.  Classes give you the basic fundamentals, but it’s the first-hand experiences that really help you excel, in both your current classes and future careers.  We learn by doing, and I couldn’t have learned the digital marketing world any better than at TargetClick.  Not only was this internship more than worthwhile academically, I also met some wonderful people that were first co-workers, and now friends. There are four words that can describe my internship experience at TargetClick:  challenging, rewarding, and infinitely entertaining.


Being a TargetClick intern was such a great learning experience. I was exposed to the wonderful world of digital marketing at a class at UNI and my interest in the area really sparked from there. TargetClick gave me the opportunity to explore all the different areas that they have to offer and most importantly apply it to a real world experience by working with clients. You never stop learning and they are really focused on helping you pursue what interests you the most. Not only is the work fun but the whole TargetClick team really makes the experience enjoyable and unforgettable.


This internship taught me how much the web design industry is vastly advancing. It is an ever-changing industry that forces you to constantly be learning. I have learned that the learning process doesn’t end after you graduate, but is something you should do throughout your career. Always strive to learn more.

My internship allowed me to utilize my degree in marketing and design. By designing for a digital advertising agency, I can put all my skills and schooling together unlike most careers. Plus, I was able to add a ton of experience to my portfolio like designs of retargeting banner ads, conversion pages, website mockups, Facebook retargeting ads, email blast graphics, and many other design elements.