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These days, app developers are giving users the option to signup via Facebook Connect for their services.  Facebook Connect gives users of third party apps the ability to sign up with information that is already online instead of requiring users to enter information when they sign up or sign in.  But Google isn’t going to let rivals Twitter and Facebook take full control of this amazing feature.

On Tuesday, February 26, Google+ launched its new sign-in feature, “sign in with Google Plus”.  This authentication method allows Google Plus users to connect with third-party applications by simply entering in their Google+ email and password to sign-up or sign-in.  Unfortunately, it feels like Google is uncomfortably late to the party.  Facebook and Twitter have had similar features in place for a long time.  The idea is that many people have trouble remembering passwords and users trust the security of their login information from Google.  To be honest, I completely agree with their logic.

If everything works as planned, users will share their app activity with Google+. Ideally this should be a win-win for developers and users.  However, with few active Google+ users compared to Facebook and Twitter, it is difficult to understand how this venture will benefit developers.  On one hand, developers benefit from users sharing their information about their in app activity but on the other hand, said in app activity could possibly be going to Google+ instead of a much larger social giant.

In my opinion, Google seems to be doing so many things right lately.  I am an Apple fanatic but I primarily use Google products because of amazing changes like this. I have been thoroughly impressed with their updated user interfaces.  They are truly effortless.  On the other hand, I can’t help but think this is just another way Google is trying to push Google+ down our throats… again.

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